The line OxGen includes PSA oxygen generators, manufactured by Delta p, for  production onsite of  Oxygen 93%, in accordance to requirements of European Pharmacopoeia.

They are suitable, for use in healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics and industrial application ensuring the following advantages:

  • High Reliability
  • Easy to install on site
  • Compactly in one place, saving space
  • Low overall investment costs
  • Reduced impact on the installation site
  • Reliable prefabrication under workshop conditions
  • Reduction of chances of errors similar installation at site is not subject to similar quality control
  • Plug and play system on demand
  • Reducing time and labor for installation at site
  • Easy to integrate in a pre-existing pipeline

OxGen PSA oxygen generators are intended to be used as oxygen source of supply in healthcare facilities, veterinary clinics and industrial application.

The technology that OxGen utilizes is the PSA process (Pressure Swing Adsorption). It is the engine that drives the separation of oxygen from air, with a degree of purity over 93%. It is a purely physical process denominated adsorption.

During the adsorption step, nitrogen is adsorbed at elevated pressure and oxygen is produced. During the regeneration step, nitrogen is desorbed via depressurization and the adsorbents are regenerated. In order to convert this batch process into a continuous process, OxGen uses two adsorbent vessels. As one is adsorbing, the other is regenerating and viceversa.

OxGen units are available in 21 standard models with capacity in the range from 1 to 86 Nm3/hour. Other capacities are available on request

The purity of gas produced is in accordance with European Pharmacopoeia monograph for Oxygen 93%

OxGen can supply on request SKID MOUNTING (PLUG & PLAY) or CONTAINER BUILT solutions, buffer vessels, filters, advanced control, dew point, pressure, temperature, flow, purity and remote monitoring included

OxGen can supply a wide range of CYLINDERS FILLING STATIONS fully equipped with high pressure boosters, cylinders, fittings connections, valves, racks and other accessories

OxGen oxygen generators are CE certified in accordance with MDD (medical device directive) and PED (pressure equipment directive), complying as well withISO 7396-1 and ISO 10083.

OxGen oxygen generators reach outlet pressure up to 8 barG. OxGen can provide tailored-made solutions matching exact customer requirements, including skid mounting and container, GSM modem, remote monitoring.

OxGen engineers and installs oxygen generating systems with all proper capabilities, monitoring and alarm system to fulfill any at all local safety requirements.

OxGen units are equipped with an end-to-end controller monitoring, which is user friendly, performs automatic calls alarms and switches to back up supply when malfunctioning occurs.