Beginning from its foundation, Delta p has been committed to advancing the safety of its products along with the technological developments, capitalizing on its years of experience. Aware of the importance of Quality in an increasingly competitive market, Delta p has made this one of the key elements of its activity and has obtained many certifications over the years.The Quality Management System at Delta p is ISO 9001:2008 certified by the iMQ certifiation Body s.p.a. of Milan for the activities of design, production, marketing, maintenance and assistance of equipment, systems and pipeline systems, in particular for the use of medical gases, vacuums and evacuation of anaesthetic gases.Most  of  Delta  p’s  products  and  plants  fall  under  the  93/42/CEE “Medical Devices” Directive and have the CE mark pursuant to that Directive. The company’s Quality Management system is also certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2012. To date, Delta p has certified and constructed more than 700 pipeline systems with the CE mark. Delta p has obtained SOA italian certification pursuant to D.p.r. 34/2000 for category OS3 (special works) public works of class III; striving for presence in markets worldwide.

Delta p has also CE certification for several of its products that fall under the T-PED Directive for transportable pressure equipment.The Quality and Safety Department of the company heads the Quality Management System and Health and Safety Management System.The processes are carried out by highly trained and qualified internal personnel who are independent from each other.”All products comply with the relevant requirements of harmonized standards, in particular ISO 7396-1 (pipeline systems for medical gases and vacuums), ISO 7362-2 (systems for anaesthetic gases scavenging) and ISO 14971 (medical device risk management). Thus  continuous  monitoring  of  the  efficiency  and efficacy of company processes represents an indispensable element that Delta p provides to its partners and clients in order to maintain the quality, safety, reliability and competitiveness of its products, with the goal of becoming one of the principal points of reference in the field of equipment for the distribution and use of gases, also at the international level.